Built by John Martin (Mart) Collingwood in 1913, the JM Collingwood Barn was originally intended to house Percheron workhorses for Prairie Hall Farms. As modern farm machinery gained popularity, barn operations slowed.

On August 20, 1986 Dan & Brenda Pace purchased the farmstead from Kenneth & Esther Bentson, Mart’s nephew & his wife. As the date coincided with Brenda’s birthday, Dan jokingly said the Barn was her birthday gift as he couldn’t afford anything else for her. And, thus, it has been her project ever since. In the 1990s they put a new roof and siding on the barn, declaring it the world’s biggest birdhouse as it was home to hundreds of barn swallows. It remained Reno County’s best kept secret until 2015, when…

110 mph straight-line winds damaged the West wing severely, causing the owners to face the possible demise of their beloved barn. However, Dan & Brenda had a vision, and more importantly, determination. They meticulously renovated and completely restored what is now known as the JM Collingwood Barn.

Shaped like a Maltese Cross, this one-of-a-kind barn sits in the middle of the beautiful Kansas prairie, providing unparalleled views. It boasts a total of over 16,000 square feet and ceilings reaching over 25 feet tall.

The barn is now used to house corporate and casual events, intimate weddings, arts & crafts fairs, and more. The perfect blend of rustic and elegant, the JM Collingwood Barn is sure to impress.


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